Ep 29- A Wise Man Once Said- Goose Bites and the Apocalypse

September 25, 2017

In this episode, the guys discuss their celebrity crushes, how to properly poop at work, how NOT to deter hurricanes, and Kyle got bit by a goose. The Commander discusses how his MRI reminded him of adam sandler, and we share a genius tune about Millenials in all their struggle. 

Song cred: Micah Tyler; REM


EP 28- A Wise Man Once Said- Inside the Mind of a Man

September 12, 2017

After a busy week, we attempt to struggle through an episode telling stories, getting a couple in the mood for date night, and answering some questions that "all" women want to know about men. 


Ep 27- A Wise Man Once Said- Hurricanes and Grizzly Bears

September 4, 2017

In this episode we discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey on our beautiful state, a classic craiglist ad, and the Commander has some ranting to do! 


Ep 26- A Wise Man Once Said- Hashtag Know Your Beef

August 21, 2017

In an episode following a strange week for the both of us...Kyle and The Commander steer the show through a haunted hotel in OKC, why Tulsa sucks, what happens if you tangle with an armadillo, and we try to land a llama a home with the Commander. 


Ep 25- Chiseled Thighs and Scary Clowns

August 14, 2017

In this episode we discuss manly thighs, new technology apps that have blown our minds, and Puddles the clown revolutionizing the birthday party karaoke game. 


Ep 23-A Wise Man Once Said- Hanger Mouth and the Thin-Lipped Lizards

July 25, 2017

Our friend Parris Martin comes back to the show to discuss OJ, the usefulness of a fart fan, and why he can't stand Reba. Tune in to find out! 


Ep 22-A Wise Man Once Said- Well…..We Tried

July 18, 2017

After a long week for the both of us, Kyle and The Commander take you on a journey inside tired minds. 


Ep 21- A Wise Man Once Said- Tattoos and Midnight

July 11, 2017

Down to just two hosts, Kyle and the Commander discuss bro-tattoos....the Commander's "scared straight" experience, and Kyle runs over a delivery guy in the bathroom! 


Ep 20- A Wise Man Once Said- Induhpendence Day

July 7, 2017

Today....we celebrate...our Independence DAY! Oh....and we talk about some other things too! 


EP 19- A Wise Man Once Said- Subway Farts

June 26, 2017

We discuss a little bit of Clinton news, one man's drastic choice to avoid his marraige, and what happens when you are disrespectful to your mom in front of Kyle in a Subway.